really What are the basics of cricket?

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There are two teams, one team is in and the other one is trying to get them out. The 'In team' only play two members at any one time and each carries a bat. There is an arrangement of sticks called a wicket that the 'In team' defend whilst the other team try to knock down. The batsmen try to hit the cricket ball as far as possible whenever they get a chance. Once the ball has been belted far away the batsmen to cause confusion run to opposing ends of the set playing area also called a wicket. Eventually all of the 'in team' are out and the other team now becomes the 'in team' Some of the bowlers or ball chuckers are very aggressive and try to maim the batsmen, Some batsmen attempt to 'accidentally' touch the bowlers with a bat and break the odd arm. Some of the cricketers are snobs and are called Gentlemen whilst the rest who have little money are called Players. Spectators are encouraged to fall asleep during the matches and of late copious amounts of canned drinks are consumed to assist this. And this, as they say... is that.......

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1. Take the bat in the right hand with the hand behind the 
handle the bat making sure the face of the bat is square on. 

2. Back view, right hand grip. The hand behind the handle of the 
bat, thumb and fingers giving a firm grip. 

3. The left hand placed on the handle of the bat, palm of the hand against the handle, thumb and fingers gripping. The back of the hand towards the mid-off position. The face of the right towards the bowler. 

4. The two hands together show about an inch of the top of the handle 
above the left hand and the right hand close up to the left hand. 
The little finger of the bottom hand close up to the top hand. 

1.The basic grip. First and second fingers alongside the seam, 
the humb supporting underneath. Third and fourth fingers at 
the side of the ball. 

2. Foot positions at the crease when delivering the ball. 

3. Start by walking to the wicket. Whether walking or running 
to the wicket, the balance of the body will always go forward. 

4. The front foot is going forward. The hands hang down n relaxed 
position. The head is steady. The eyes look forward. 

5. The right hand swings high. The initial swing of the right 
arm to this position starts before the initial swing of the left arm. 
As the right arm swings up, the right foot has gone forward. 

6. The left foot comes forward past the right. The left arm 
carries on with this upward swing. The right arm commences 
the downward swing. The left arm carries on with the upward 
swing. The balance of the body is on the back leg. The trunk 
is turning towards the sideways-on position. The eyes look 
down the wicket over the left elbow. 

7. The left arm has gone to a higher position. The trunk has 
turned sideways on. The head is steady. The eyes look over 
the left shoulder. The right arm stays close to the body in 
its downward swing.

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Cricket is a game played between two teams made up of eleven players each. There is also a reserve player called a "twelfth man" who is used should a player be injured during play.

The twelfth man is not allowed to bowl, bat, wicket keep or captain the team. His sole duty is to act as a substiture fielder.

The original player is free to return to the game as soon as they have recovered from their injury.

To apply the law and make sure the cricket rules are upheld throughout the game there are two umpires in place during games. Umpires are responsible for making decisions and notifying the scorers of these decisions.

Two umpires are in place on the playing field while there is also a third umpire off the field who is in charge of video decisions.

This is where the call is too close for the on field umpires and they refer it to the third umpire who reviews slow motion video replays to make a decision.

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