Poll: Are three bathrooms to much for a three bedroom house?

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My house has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. If you ask me, it's a bit too little since now people are sharing bathrooms, and when someone wont respect that you're taking a crap and wants their makeup out of the bathroom you share, youll wish you had a bathroom all to yourself. I sat down and talked to my parents about it, and I finally got the downstairs guest bathroom all to myself and my own room, and now my little brother has to feel the pain of sharing a bathroom with my older sister. I once for 7 years had to share a bathroom but now I finally have my own privacy

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I think 3 bathrooms are unnecessary. I guess you are using the word "bathroom" as an American euphemism for a toilet


. In Australia and Britain, the word "bathroom" refers to where you have a shower, or take a bath. We use the term "toilet" or "WC" or "lavatory" for the place for the relieving of bodily functions.


Some bathrooms have a toilet inside, but some don't. I think bathrooms with toilets inside are, frankly, unhygienic. Why combine a room with a toilet with a space used to get clean and brush your teeth? A space for cleaning could be shared, but one where there is a toilet as well, then there are problems. A person showering needs privacy, as does a person using the toilet. Sharing such a room at the same time isn't pleasant. 

You could have 2 toilets and 1 bathroom (with basin, shower and bath tub) in a 3 bedroom house (as I do) and this is more than acceptable. 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets would also be ok, but 3 bathroom-toilets combined is over the top. Separate the toilet from the bathroom, that's my take on things. Much more hygienic and practical.


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