Why do people think having diabetes is from being overweight?

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A whole LOT of misinformation. I thought I was fairly well informed about diabetes since I have an aunt who has been Type 1 since she was a baby (and she's 90+ now), and have had friends who are Type 1; a number of relatives who are Type 2. But when I was diagnosed with Type 2 and went to the diabetes training classes, I found out how misinformed I was. And all those ads and commercials the Amer. Diabetic ***'n periodically put out do nothing but scare people because they are so lacking in useful information. I mean, when you still have so many young people posting in this section about "I just ate 10 candy bars, will I become diabetic"--you know most people haven't got a clue about diabetes. Most people don't even know there are two types of diabetes.

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