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What should we prefer Vedic Astrology or Western Astrology?

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Both the sort of soothsaying are is fundamentally singular decision however some significant contrasts are as under Diverse recorded foundation Vedic Astrology came to fruition through "rishis" who lived numerous a huge number of years prior. The starting points of Vedic Astrology can be followed back to the Rig Veda , Atharva Veda which is the most established some portion of the Vedas, containing the otherworldly learning of India. Western Astrology retreats to the scholarly existence of antiquated Greece and Rome where it was an intense power. Yet, was stirred in the Middle Ages and at the end of the day came to pervade theory, writing, and craftsmanship Diverse routines are utilized to compute the position of the planets: The Vedic arrangement of crystal gazing is essentially an altered zodiac as utilized by cosmologists against the foundation of certain settled stars (Nakshatra). It is known as the "sidereal zodiac". Henceforth, previously, the term Astronomy secured crystal gazing and also the investigation of the physical sky.

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