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What is Gaja Kesari yoga in Vedic astrology and what are the results ascribed to it?

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The 2 terms Gajam meaning elephant and Kesari meaning Male Lion are combined here to produce a yoga. It implies that those who enjoy this yoga get exceptional strength in their chart, as if a combined energy of elephant and Lion is injected into their chart. He will have power, position, authority, wealth, good image and will have a say on any issue due to his links at higher levels of the society. When Brahaspathi-guru is in a kendra with Chandra in a chart, this yoga is created. But just this combination alone will not suffice. The moot issue is if this mutual kendra configuration between guru and chandra takes place with reference to lagna and the portfolio of the planets guru and chandra in the said chart. Guru and chandra occupying kendra positions from the lagna perspective wherein both have trigona or kendrathipathya-lordships will make the yoga powerful. On the contrary, if the guru is in 12th debilitated and chandra is in kendra from it or chandra in deep debility with guru in a kendra or both are in hidden houses like 6th and 12th , this yoga does produce results but weak in impact. So also, if chandra and guru owns lordships of malefic houses, it might not have desired effects. With all powerful gaja kesari yoga too, if the lagnathipathi is not that powerful or if Raja yogas are not present in a chart to augment and get benefits from this yoga, then too this gaja kesari loses its significance. So like any other Raja yoga, this is also 1 more yoga!

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