What is Bharat Ganarajya?

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The official Sanskrit name for India is Bharat Ganarajya. Even today, it is often called Bharat by young or old

Religous India

  • Hindu 81%
  • Muslim 12%
  • Christian 2%

No matter who you are or what your intrests India had something to offer you.

With beaches and every climate imaginable this historic country is full of arcitecture and hope.

The Capial of India is New Delhi and the country is ruled by a parlimentary style government. The people speak Hindi, English, Sanskrit, or 16 other languages. India contains 25 states and 7 territories and has a population of 1,022,021 and with 26% of the countrys population in urban areas and 74% of the countrys population being rual.

The official money there is the rupee they export fruit, cotton, diamonds, and jewelry amoung other things.

They grow tea and rice and play cricket, field hockey, and soccer.

Women there often wear long beautiful saris. They are long pieces of fabrics draped, wrapped, and folded around the body. These saris are worn every were to work in the field or shop at the market.With many beautiful and historic arcitectual features such as the Taj Mahal, the worlds biggest love monument and tomb.

The citizens of India of practice the art of henna or bindi- semi-permanent tattos which decorate their bodies with dye and often are used for special ceremonies. This dye starts out as powder.

India is currently doing well politically and is peacfully existing. The parliment makes major decisions.

No matter who you are India has something to offer. The beautiful country side, the amazing arcitechture, exotic animals and friendly people are sure to be welcoming and provide a wonderful experience. A country of mystery and tradition filled ceremonies. India is truly beautiful. 

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