What are the most interesting facts about Hinduism?

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1. Origin: The word Hindu was begat to allude to individuals from Indus (Sindhu) Valley human progress. The human progress thrived on the bank of stream Sindhu. Individuals from Mesopotamian human progress/present center east couldn't affirm the "S" voice of the word, so "Sindhu" got to be "Hindu". 2. Intent: "Hinduism" was then used to allude to the way of life of Hindus, not at all like the present use in reference to religion. The Hindu individuals didn't have any State religion. 3. Faith: Like numerous other old human advancements, Hindus were polytheist. It had numerous branches, religions, logic, ways under one regular umbrella of Indus valley human progress. 4. Tolerance: Astiks (adherents) and nastiks (nonbelievers) have known not together in Hinduism since time immemorial. It was the resilience for the non-devotees and the basic topic to incorporate new musings that permitted different religions, for example, Buddhism and Sikhism to branch gently from Hinduism. 5. Books and Belief: Religious legends of Ramayana and Mahabharata in Hinduism are understood to be penned by mortal writers and not composed by any God. 6. Theme: Contrary to the subject of anguish in the hands of business people apparent in Western religious writings, Hinduism stories concentrate on the topic of 'Triumph of the Righteous' and proliferating the rationality of 'Hindu View of Life'. 7. Pro-science: Hinduism is the main religion that is professional science from right on time ages. A percentage of the psyche boggling advances in Hinduism writings were: 1. Mathematics: Search Engine Hashing Algorithms - Kathapayadi System Musicology;Concept of zero (as a number and as a marker), idea of Infinity and idea of the Decimal Number System (with a convey forward); Pythagoras Theorem

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