What are some examples of double standards and exaggerations among feminists?

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If a man seeks casual sexual experiences with women, he is exploiting them as sex objects and he is a misogynist. If a woman seeks casual sexual experiences with men, she is enjoying her sexuality and she should not be shamed for it. If a man dates younger women, he is a creepy pervert who is obviously just trying to find someone he can manipulate and use for sex. If a woman dates younger men, why wouldn't she, they are so much more attractive than the ugly losers her own age, good on her for going after what she wants. If an attractive, physically fit man prefers attractive, physically fit women, he is shallow and is following an unrealistic standard of beauty imposed on women. If any woman, even if she is average and chubby looking, prefers gorgeous physically fit men, she can like whatever she wants and only misogynistic men with a sense of entitlement would have a problem with it.

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