What are according to astrology the common characteristics of a person born with the sun in Virgo?

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Capricorn, Taurus & Virgo are all earth elements and are very stubborn, but Virgos are the least stubborn of the 3. The Virgo: In General Virgos are more modest & Shy, very meticulous, intelligent, diligent, analytical, VERY FUSSY, over critical & harsh, they like perfection and order and like health foods. They have lists of things they want to do, they don’t like sloppy workers, they don’t stand out so much – they are more the loner type, quiet but they will notice the smallest details, they will always look at their watch to see how much time till next meeting. Dresses neatly & is cool in manner, you usually won’t find them in social gatherings. They are perfectionists. They are hard working – can be found working late at night. VERY DEDICATED. Too busy to be day dreamers, have little patience with laziness. Of all the zodiac signs, they can withstand intense work over a longer period of time. Sometimes they tackle more work then they can safely handle & as a result need to be careful of having a nervous breakdown. Virgos are not selfish, sometimes a Virgo will do more for you than themself. They very often look like they have a serious problem on their mind – a worried look on their face with anxieties inside. They want things done in a certain way, they are very critical in nature, much more than anyone else. They notice things, they criticise, they’re fussy about how they look, they will either criticise themselves “Oh I didn’t come out good in this picture” An Aquarius for example wouldn’t even pay attention about how he came out in the picture. They are fastidious about cleanliness & what they eat. They alway take lots of showers. They want to be clean for themselves not other people like Leos. They are very good in arguing! But if your’e stuck – they’ll organise chaos. As a guest they will happily clean up after the party. They will also notice that the pillow was hiding a stain on couch. A virgo will deny their bad habits or traits. They have a certain blindness to their own faults but they manage to see faults in others. They see so much detail but – “They can’t see the forest for the trees” They tend to be concerned about health matters, dieting, health foods, calories. They are usually not lavish with affection or spending money. Very loving but not too demonstrative. They like truth, punctuality & economy. The look for sales. They hate dirt, vulgarity & sloppiness. They may run their fingers on the furniture looking for dust. They are very practical but with excessive discrimination. They have precise ideas about health. If you have a headache, you’re virgo friend will go to the drugstore. If you visit a virgo home you may find a mini drug store in medicine cabinet. Many of them are experts in telling you what remedy to take. Virgos make good nurses, they’re efficient, have sympathy & are very capable.They also make good secretaries. As friends, they are dependable & sincere, however when annoyed they become cranky, get NERVOUS and start scolding. People think that Virgos are stingy but it’s not true – they are just economical - Stingy people spend only on themselves and misers don’t even spend on themselves - They don’t believe in splurging, if they buy soap they will buy by the dozen if it’s cheaper (Cancers buy by the bulk but for a different reason – they are scared of running out) They usually have a collection of coupons. Very meticulous where they keep things at home that they get so used to things that if they are used to keep things in a certain place they will keep it in the same place when staying at a hotel. THE MAN VIRGO Not so much the romantic type, their main way of love is unselfish devotion, feelings will be steady, they won’t fluctuate, he loves work, duty & discipline, hard working, neat & tidy, consciensous & responsible, Virgos can remain single for a long time (Leo. Taurus, Pisces want to get married quick) Virgos are most pickiest when choosing friends. Modest, not showy, Will not shower you with money but will be gentle with you. He won’t forget something you did to him 25 yrs ago. They have a very clear good memory, they will remember your Birthday, Anniversary, etc They are loyal, dependable, considerate with good discipline. As a parent, will not spoil his child. The Virgo Men have a hard time demonstrating affection to their children. They will spend time with children & teach them but he may expect too much and be critical. If you marry a Virgo GET USED TO BEING CRITICIZED – But the best advice is just laugh it off & ignore the criticism. THE WOMAN VIRGO Virgo women dress more modest than any other Zodiac sign. They are more the shy type, in the beginning she won’t talk so much. They are perfectionists, she thinks can do everything better. They have a very clear vision, she will notice a spot on your collar. She will be particular about small things. She will be kind and generous. Has a mental bloc when it comes to admitting her faults. She judges herself harshly so she doesn’t need your criticizing. Most of the times when she criticizes you, she is right. They can argue about anything, will not tolerate abuse of language or sloppy clothing. Grammar has to be perfect and just right. They can’t stand vulgar language. She can be heard saying “Why don’t you clean up after yourself” You need to look good and smell good or they will notice it. You can trust her with your money, she won’t splurge it. Get used to emptying the trash & doing the laundry. Has a deep sense of responsibility that will hold the family together. As a mother she will never neglect the physical & educational needs of her children. Virgos are unselfish. They will instill in children good manners and good ethics. It’s a Blessing to have a Virgo around (unless they are too critical) THE VIRGO CHILD They are quick, adaptable, alert, picky & fussy eaters, worriers, points things out tactfully, neat, disciplined, not bossy type, more of a loner, more fair, get them to read as much as possible, good memory, they tend to be a little restless. THE VIRGO BOSS They have enough worries so don’t expect a listening ear. You won’t find too many bosses that are Virgo, maybe a chairman yes but not so many are bosses. They will tend to do the work themselves. Don’t make mistakes, don’t be sloppy, be prepared for criticism. Don’t expect big bonuses. Always tell them the truth they will be able to tell if you lie.

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