Suggest me Good Astrologer in Kolkata.

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Vijitha Mothe

Hello My Friend,

If you want to meet  very good astrologer in Kolkata, then compulsory meet Sri Sai ji.

Guruji phone number 0 9550064984    Email Id :   saiji133@gmail.com

Am Debasis Mukharji, from Kolkata. I have a passion in astrology from my childhood. I consulted many astrologers in India to know about my future and other things in my life. I work in company, as a bussiness lead. As on company work I will regularly visit many cities in India.  Where ever I go, I will compulsory consult those areas famous astrologers. I met almost 15 to 20 diffirent astrologers in India and Kolkata. Amoung all, I suggest Sri Sai ji,  best astrologer and Sai devotee, whom I met in Kolkata.

He is very good astrologer. Gives accute readings, all his predection are 100% accurate, and his remedies will work very nicely. This is my personal experience with Guruji,

For best astrologer see this

best astrologer in kolkata

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Hi am Nandini,i suggestion is for SRI SAI JI.

is best astrologer in kolkata, he has great knowldge in astrology, remedies are very good.


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Ravi Kiran

Hello Naveena ! If you are looking for Good and famous astrologers in kolkata.

Here is the address.

127, Beliaghata Main Road,

Beliaghata, Kolkata - 700010,

Near Kollimuddin Sakar Lane Bus Stop (Map)

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Sri Sai ji best astrologer in Kolkata. we meet him regularly for predections,

His remedies are simple and worthfull,

this is my suggestion for you.



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Dr. vasant torat reder and astrologer.

Jhangra Bortala,

Hatiara Road, Kolkata - 700059,

Near Swamiji Shakti Streeet Club

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