Is there any scientific or pseudo-scientific explaination of the manglik concept in Indian astrology?

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Mangal Dosha is brought about when Mars is set in twelfth, first, second, fourth, seventh and the eighth house in your primary conception diagram (from the ascendant). There's this regular conviction among stargazers that this arrangement reasons inconvenience in wedded life. Ever wanna know how? Here it goes. Prophetic Explanation A. So,what does the planet Mars connote in crystal gazing? It is a warrior, forceful, incautious and dynamic planet likewise demonstrating our resolve and energy. In Vedic crystal gazing, Mars perspectives (impacts) the 4th,7th and eighth house from wherever it's set. This implies, wherever Mars is set, it influences the houses 4th,7th and eighth from itself. B. Presently, we should take a gander at what houses does Mars viewpoint from the above houses,with a short depiction of what the house means: twelfth: third (Siblings,will-power), 6th(Diseases,enemies) and seventh (Marriage) first: fourth (Home environment), seventh (Marriage) and eighth (Intimacy in relationship) second: fifth (Romance style), eighth (Intimacy in relationship) and ninth (Luck,Higher information) fourth: seventh (Marriage), tenth (Work environment,Career), eleventh (Professional system circles,Incoming additions of cash) seventh: tenth (Work environment,Career), first (your body,health), second (Family environment amid youth, parents,speech) eighth: eleventh (Professional system circles,Incoming increases of cash), second (Family environment amid youth, parents,speech), third (Siblings,will-power) C. On the off chance that we watch the houses aspected by each of the arrangement, we watch that,Mars is either sitting in or aspecting a house identified with wedded life and home environment. Considering that Mars indicates forceful qualities in a man, we'd promptly deduce that, in above positions, it can come about into some forcefulness in home environment. Yet, we generally get a kick out of the chance to keep our home surroundings as serene as could be expected under the circumstances. In this manner, the vitality of Mars is to some degree contrary with the home environment and wedded life as far as forcefulness.

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