Is Nadi astrology accurate?

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I have no individual experience, yet I have a Swedish companion who lived in India for a long time who went to see a Nadi celestial prophet. His retelling of the experience was not by any means particular, or if nothing else my memory of it is not, but rather he did say that he was astonished at how satisfactory it was by all accounts. Then again, he additionally said that he has gone by a few Indian celestial prophets throughout the years, Nadi and also broad Jyotish, and that what they have said to him is not effectively accommodated. From one viewpoint, one crystal gazer let him know about the tremendous favorable luck lying in sit tight for him, on the other, another took a gander at his outline and after that demonstrated to him to the entryway without needing to remark upon it. On the other hand, on the third hand, or fourth, he has so far had an uncommon destiny which makes both of these apparently opposing responses from soothsayers not inexorably as dissimilar as they may appear at first look.

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