Dr. Sulekha Bhattacharya

I need best divine spiritual guru or astrologer in India suggest me ?

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SNK Swetha

Sathya Sai baba is good spiritual guru and great preacher.

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Seven years ago

Radha Kumari

Hi friend 

Sri Sai Upasak Guruji, Baba Devotee 08099452811  is very good astrologer and spiritual guru in India. His predictions are very accurate and result oriented. 

Me and all our family members will meet SriSaiUpasak Guruji ji regularly. We have been meeting for our problems almost from fifteen years. All what ever he said about us came true and we really believe him alot.

He is a god gifted astrologer. I highly recommend him to you, go to him once, then you'll come to know.



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six years ago


Yes, Sathya Sai is good

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa 

Sri Yogendra Baba

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six years ago

Tarun Goel

SriSaiUpasak Maharaj is really  very good spiritual Teacher. We have been many times to this Guruji and we are very happy with his teachings and astrological predictions. He is a god gifted astro pundit

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six years ago


In India you'll get many astrologers and spiritual guru. India is motherland of astrologers, spirtual gurus and pundits. You can meet any body.

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six years ago


Some modern astrologers subscribe to the view that Good Jyotish or astrologer in India, the Indian system of astrology is an approach that is exclusively event-oriented.

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six years ago


Dr. Joshi best astrologer

 stays in  mumbai

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six years ago
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