How long does a computer restore take?

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It shouldn't take more than a couple of days from the re-installation of Windows and adding all of the software and settings that was originally placed there by you. A lot will depend on if the technician is working on your computer exclusively or is also repairing other computers at the same time. Many programs that are installed can be started and then will finish on their own while the tech is working on other equipment. I recently updated my computer and Windows Operating System. What the technician told me would take several days, wound up being more like two weeks because he was working on several other computers that were "emergencies" because it was tax time, plus he was in and out of the shop when he was called out to service a regular business customers. I had a backup computer I could use, so I told him I wasn't in any emergency situation, and to just take his time and get everything right the first time. I guess it paid off because there was no problems with the updates, and he knocked the labor down an hour because he felt it took a bit too long. So I saved about $50 by being patient.

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