Good genuine astrologer or jyothish pandith or palm reader in Hyderabad Telangana

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There are many astrologer in hyderababd. you can contact them through Just dail, suleka, busydail, or urban calp,


but the thing is,  these are all advertising sites,  they will charge from astrologers and they will advertise them,  that reason why we can not just trust them blindly. 

so better consult any one, before you consult think twise.


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Sairam Shastry is good astrologer in Hyderabad. Number 8099810902

I had an opportunity to speak with Sairam Shastry and he was very good. And  I met up with Sairam Shastry ji later and he was exceptional. Being an expert in Vedic Astrology, Vastu and Numerology he can provide future guidance with so much of conviction. He`s a brilliant psychologist too and he can read you like a book.

See this for more info    Best astrologer in Hyderabad

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Hyderabab is best place to finding best astrologers.  accoding to me Dr Chaitanya bharathi is best,

address H.No. 447/1, near suprabath market

nallakunta, hyderabab.

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if you want meet good astrologers in hyderabad,

Then  first do not go to paper ads, T V shows,  nowdays all are doing lot of advertis business  in TV shows normal people think,   who ever comes in tv shows, they are best.

But that is wrong, all the TV shows are sponsered shows, this is real stroy,  but most of the people do not know that.

finally my suggestion is do not meet astrologers unless know them personally, 

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Can any one tell address of pandit sairam shastry

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Dimpi Tiwary

Please tell me the full address of sairam shastriji, please

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