Effect of friends on Indian family. Explain

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Friends are backbone of some one lifes. He/she/they are someone to whom you are free to share anything or any part of your life. Freinds are member of your family. They are the major parts of your life. Your friend is the one whoes comapny can speak about you. India is famous for its Truely saying not only family in india but in other country is also incomplete without friends.

Friends are very influential on us starting at an early age. Somewhere during childhood we start becoming our own people and breaking away from our parents. The process won't be complete for many years, but it takes roots young.As we get older, we change and develop new relationships. These have an even greater effect on our lives because we are moving farther from our parents and closer to independence. We want to be like our friends. We need to fit in. We follow the crowd, we feel peer pressure. Some people are influenced more by those around them.
Eventually almost all of us meet the "friend" who will affect our lives the most -- our significant other. Once again we change our ways to impress this person and so that we can have a closer relationship with this person. If we are truly in love, or if we think we are, even our closest friends won't be able to influence us away from this person.

And in doning all this we sometime forget the real value of friend. A friend should be some one who bring you close to you and your family not away from them


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