Do Christians read their horoscope?

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Firstly on the grounds that the three insightful men specified in Matthew are Magi, i.e. crystal gazers. Second, in light of the fact that early Christian fathers were thoughtful to soothsaying - e.g. Albertus Magnus, coach of Thomas Aquinas composed a book for crystal gazing, as a major aspect of knowing God's arrangement. Also, the book of scriptures, especially the New Testament, is brimming with visionary imagery. The bolstering of the 5000 components 'two angles' - none other than the two fishes of Pisces, typically spoke to. Also, Popes have utilized soothsayers! Pope Sixtus IV utilized astrologerRegiomontanus. What of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and their typical relationship with by the altered indications of the zodiac, Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio individually. My neighborhood Anglican church (constructed in 1840s) has these extremely images and related names behind the sacrificial table.

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