Astrology: How are Capricorn sun and moon different personality-wise?

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Capricorn suns are too much preoccupied with status and image. They want to be professionally successful and want success at any cost. For them appearances matter a lot even if the reality is different. They are selfish in pursuit of money. They are sarcastic and have a sharp tongue. Capricorn moon is practical and cold. You may perceive them to be emotionless. The mind is disciplined and thinks and plans. It is disciplined like the Capricorn sun. Capricorn moon is sometimes too practical at the cost of emotions. A Capricorn sun with a Taurus moon will be high on security and ambition, but will be a little sensitive like Taurus as well. A Taurus sun with Capricorn moon will be more sensitive and crave security that it'll achieve by being practical and hardworking. Sun sign trumps moon sign though the moon sign may further fine-tune the attributes. You are an amalgamation of your sun sign and moon sign. Sun is your true self, moon is how you achieve what sun wants.

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